I have listened for years to SAYS YOU! Even the reruns are entertaining. I hope that they can keep making shows.

Here are some words from the show that I have written down over the years.

abacot: an early crown, no longer worn by British monarchy

aberuncators: a long tool for pruning long branches

absit: permission to spend time away from college

acnestis: the part of an animal's skin that it cannot reach to scratch itself, usually the space between the shoulder blades.

advocaat: a Dutch drink made with eggs, sugar, and brandy

aestel: a pointer designed for the reading of manuscripts

afflatus:  a divine inspiration, a sudden flash of brilliance

agowilt: sudden sickening and unnecessary fear

agraffe:  the wire that secures a champagne cork

agunah: a woman who may not remarry until she proves that her husband is dead

apricity: the warmth of the sun on a winter day

aspeism: an ingeniously polite insult

avalement: a technique in skiing where the knees flex to take bumps

ballicatter:  ice that forms from on shores and docks from ocean spray

balter: to dance clumsily

bick: the tapered end of an anvil

biffo: fighting or aggressive behavior

bigmitt:  a confidence game involving dishonest cards

bitser: a mixed breed dog

blatteroon: a person who will not stop talking

blet: softness or decay in over-ripe fruit

blickey: a covered metal lunch pail

blivet:  also known as a poiuyt, devil's fork or widget, is an undecipherable figure, an optical illusion and an impossible object.

bloob: slang for a blueberry muffin

blumf: a dull, grumpy person (a word of Scottish derivation, allegedly)

blutterbung: a slow-witted person who loses the thread of conversation

boggart: a household spirit which causes mischief

bort: diamond fragments too small or inferior for use

bransle: a dance or social where the crowd gets ugly

bratticing: temporary wooden fencing

braxy:  a sheep dead of natural causes

brisling: a North Atlantic sardine, also known as a sprat

cabotin: a medical quack

cade: a baby animal abandoned by its mother and raised by humans

callithump: a children's mummer's parade with prizes and costumes

catillate: to lick a dish clean

chang: Tibetan rice beer

chiminage: a toll paid for passage through a forest.

chounse: to fluff up a pillow

chowry: a fly swatter made from a yak's tail

cigling: the sound made by a swarm of locusts

cincinate: hair curled in ringlets

cleek: a number one iron or a number four wood golf club

cleg: a horsefly or gadfly

clichpin: to break something by dropping it (perhaps clishpen?)

clour: a bump on the head caused by a heavy blow that does not break the skin (of Scottish derivation)

codology: the art or practice of bluffing or deception

columella: the fleshy external end of the nasal septum

corf: a basket or structure to contain live fish in water

cornhobble: to hit someone with a fish.  

!! UPDATE !! A later show noted that "fish" was a typo in the source, and it should have been "fist".

corody: a medieval right of food and clothing for life

crawk: sound effects animal imitator

crawkcroodle: to snuggle together like pigs in straw

crottles: cartoon crosses in the eyes, indicating unconsciousness

culicifuge: a preparation that repels mosquitoes

cyser: a mead cidercyser: a type of mead

dap: a fist bump greeting

darg: a reasonable day's work, that expected of an employee

dhan: the village cattle

duffifie: to lay a bottle on its side, in order to get out every last drop

dipsas: a snake whos bite makes one thirsty

dirl: to tremble, vibrate, quiver

doddle: A job, task or other activity that is simple or easy to complete

dol: a unit of pain intensity

doob: Bermuda grass

dorpt: to hold a lion at baydorpt: to hold a lion at bay

doryphore: a pedantic and annoyingly persistent critic

doytin: to walk about stupidly

droze: to melt irregularly and drip, as a candle

druxy: a piece of wood that looks good on the outside, rotten on the inside

duffifie: to place a bottle on its side to pour out all of the contents

dundrearies: long, flowing sideburns

dwergmal: the echo of your voice

echorche: an anatomical figure with no skin showing the bones and muscles

ecize: to adjust to a new environmentecize: to adjust to an new environment

elozable: easily fooled by flattery

eroteme: a question mark

estrapade: a horse's attempt to remove it's rider by rearing, plunging, and kicking.

excutient: Shaking off, as in a dog shaking the water off itself after a bath

farb: a careless anachronist, such as a medieval reenactor who wears a wrist watch

farouche: socially inept and awkward

favus: mange in humans

feddle:  a favorite, the teacher's pet

felloe: the outer rim of a wheel, supported by the spokes

feghoot: humorous short story ending in an atrocious pun

fice: a small, feisty dog

fitch: a brush made from the hair of a polecat

flamfew: something pretty and of little value, moonlight glinting on the water

fleam: a blade used for blood letting

fleckerl: a dance step, most commonly found in the Viennese Waltz

flird: an object that is flimsy, gaudy, and insubstantial

flittern:  a young oak tree

flob: to inadvertently run into a wall or door

floruit: birth and death dates, as in a biography

flug:  lint that accumulates in navels and pockets

flychter:  to run with outstretched arms

fnord: anything jarringly out of context

fondeur:  a mischievous student who makes faces behind the teacher

foofaraw: frills or flashy finery

fossick: to rummage, search (Australian in origin)

foy: a farewell gift

frickle: a bushel basket

frim: marked by good physical conditioning, buff or toned

frob: to fiddle with the knobs on something electronic

frootery: superstitious observances

fudgel: pretending to do work when actually doing nothing

furfur: dandruff

furphy: a rumor, a false report

gaberlunzie: a drifter, a wandering beggar

gafiate: To leave the mundane world and enter the science fiction fandom community.

gardyloo: a warning cried out before emptying a chamber pot out of a window (of Scottish derivation)

garran: a small workhorse, possibly undersized for the job

gio: a sheep tapeworm

gip: to remove the insides of

glaikit: lacking good judgement

glaikit: showing a lack of common sense and good judgement

gleed: a glowing coal or embergnashgab: a person who answers irritably when asked a question

gongoozle: to watch idly, as in watching boats go by from the banks of a canal

graveno: a cold in the head

griffonage: Careless handwriting; A crude or illegible scrawl.

grilse: a salmon that has returned to fresh water after a single winter at sea

grimthorpe: to remodel (an ancient building) without proper knowledge or care to retain its original quality and character

guck: a foolish saying

guetapens: an ambush (and a 2012 spelling bee word)

guilloch:  an engraving pattern used on currency

habbie-gabbie: throwing money into a crowd

heeltap: a little bit of drink left in a glass

hobber: a "leaner" in the game of horseshoes or quoits

holmgang:  a duel on an island

ekphrastic: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekphrasis

hugaboo: pomposity

hwyl: an emotional outburst

imberb: beardless

infare: a house warming for newly weds

inkhorn: affected or ostentatiously learned

inkle: to attend a party to which one has not been invited

jark: a counterfeit sealjerque: to examine the papers of a ship to uncover smuggling

jettator: someone who always has bad luck

jink: to make a quick, unexpected turn

jipijapa: a Panama hat made from palm

jollup: an amount of liquor so strong as to be useful as a laxative

juju: a West African charm made of chicken feathers and snake skin

keirin: a form of motor-paced cycle racing in which track cyclists sprint for victory following a speed-controlled start behind a motorized or non-motorized pacer.

kelt: a salmon that has recently spawned and is usually in poor condition

kenspeckle: easily recognizable; conspicuous.

keurboom: a purple flowered shrub from South Africa

khamsin:  an oppressive, hot southerly or southeasterly wind blowing in Egypt in spring.

kis: a weavil, the English wheat worm

kish: slag

knittle: A string that draws together a purse or bag

knoup: to ring a church bellknoup: to ring the church bell

loke: a dead end street

lollybanger: gingerbread with raisins

louster: to bustle or scramble about

lovat: a predominantly dusty color mixture (as of green) in fabrics

lubberwort: food or drink with no nutritional valuelurgulary: the crime of poisoning water

lurgy: A fictitious, highly infectious disease

lurgy: a not necessarily real ailment, for example: cooties

lushburg: a counterfeit coin

lygeraste: one who prefers romance with the lights out

mabsoot: absurdly happymackle: a blurred impression in printing

makebate: a trouble makermalmsey: A sweet, rich, aromatic, fortified wine originally made in Greece and now produced mainly in Madeira.

maloik:  a hand gesture made with the index and little fingers extended, "hook-em-horns"

manoir: stolen property discovered on the body of a thief, hot merchandise

meecher: one that sneaks about or behaves dishonestly or dishonorably

meed: a fitting reward, a comeuppance

merliton: a musical instrument with a vibrating membrane (like a kazoo)

micraner: a very small male ant

midden: the pile of nuts collected by a squirrel

miggle: in the game of marbles, the marble that you are shooting at

mimp:  to purse the lipsmimp: to purse the lips

mird: to pry into the private life of a coworker

mokita: a truth we all know but agree not to talk about

morkin: an animal that has died by accident

murcous:  lacking a thumb

nang: British slang for "excellent"

natkin: a bad taste or smell

naumkeag: to buff a shoe bottom prior to finishing

nebby: inquisitive, overly snoopy

nephalist: someone who has sworn off drinking

nesh: to act timidly

nibby: nosy, interfering

nidget: one who fetches the midwife when the time has come

niff: an odor bad enough to make you cry

nipter: a vessel for washing the hands and the feet, a basin

nisgul: the smallest, weakest bird in the brood

noil: short fiber removed during the combing of a textile fiber and often separately spun into yarn

nunu: the early chaos that formed the world

obacerate: to get the last word in

occlupanid: a plastic piece to close a bread bag

oche: The line behind which darts players stand when throwing.

oding: watching dragon flies (yes, there is a word just for that)

olor: a swan without a bump on its head

ontogeny: the development of an individual organism or anatomical or behavioral feature from the earliest stage to maturity. "There was a dollhouse and a clan of rag dolls in diverse phases of ontogeny"

ooch: to attempt to move a sailboat by lurching your body

oose: Fuzzy lint under the bed, wool or cotton

orp: to fret morosely

ourie: shivering with cold

palama: the webbing on the feet of an aquatic bird

pandy: to strike the open palm with a cane as punishment

paup: to walk about meaninglessly

pegh: to breathe hard after exercise

perstringe: to continually criticize or nag

petrichor: that good smell of a rain after a long dry spell

phoresy: transportation of one organism by another, more mobile one

phrop:  an insincere, euphemistic saying, such as "We must have lunch!"

pickelhaube: a spiked helmet worn by German soldiers

pillion:  from wikipedia: A pillion is a mostly British English term for a secondary pad, cushion, or seat behind the main seat or saddle on a horse, motorcycle, bicycle or moped. A passenger in this seat is said to "ride pillion". The word is derived from the Scottish Gaelic for a "little rug", pillean, which is itself from the Latin pellis for "animal skin". One or more pelts would often have been used as a secondary seat on horseback; the usage has carried over to motorcycles.

pinkeltank: a young frog, a peeper.

pinponpet:  a game where the object is to kick other players in the rump

pleonaise:  unnecessarily wordy, superfluous verbosity, filigreed prose, endless rambling and meandering without really getting to the point discussing dinner plans while trying to get the taxes done with much unimportant and encumbering detail about the upcoming street fair and swap meetpleonase: to talk too much, to be wordier than necessary

plodge: to plod and trudge

plumicorn:  the ear tuft feathers on an owl

podsnappery: insular complacency and blinkered self-satisfaction; the behaviour or outlook characteristic of Dickens's Mr Podsnap in Our Mutual Friend (1864).

poke-nook: an inaccessible corner of a pursepoonac: an oil cake made from cocoanut

popination: outrageous drinking, the frequenting of taverns

porlock: to interrupt an artist

poronkusema:  the distance a reindeer could travel without stopping to urinate

prester: a neck vein swollen in anger

preta: a ghost that is always hungry

psychrolute: A person who bathes outside regularly throughout the winter; spec. a member of a society formed c1840 to promote this practice

puggry: a light scarf wrapped over a helmet to provide shade

puggy: sweaty, clammy

pulvinar: a cushioned seat at a stadium

pung: a sleigh with a box-shaped body

pungle: to make a payment, used with "up", as in "pungle up!"

quadriga: chariot drawn by four horses abreast

queach: a thicket

quipu: a Peruvian abacus, using strings of varying lengths and colors

rastral: a five pointed writting deviced used to draw parallel staff lines for music

reast: to be noisily uncooperative (especially horses), also to become rancid

rigwelted: A sheep on its back, unable to stand upright due to the weight of wool on its back

rinkafadda: an Irish dance resembling the Virginia reel

roo:  to pluck wool from a sheep by hand

rort: a rowdy party or celebration

rowen:  the second crop of grass or hay in a season

ruft: a significantly prolonged, resonant belch (sources differ, some say a fart)

runcation: the act of weeding

sarcle: to dig up weeds

sakkara: a mousy shade of grey

sastruga: a series of long, wavelike ridges or grooves formed on a snow surface by the wind, especially in polar plains

schlenter: an imitation diamond

schnibble: to finely chop meat

scobberlotcher: a lazy person

scoon: to skip a rock across the water

scopperloit: rude or rough play

screef: to clear away top soil for tree planting

scunner: an irrational loathing

semple: of humble birth (a good Scottish word)

sennet: a call from a trumpet for a stage entrance (can any of you theatre musicians confirm this one?)

sharrow: the arrow and bicycle painted on the roadway to indicate that bicycles have the right of way

shroff: a sorting process

shortzy: A nomadic Tartar people of Western Siberia

shot-clog: One who is tolerated only because he pays the shot, or reckoning, for the rest of the company, otherwise a mere clog on them

shotten: exhausted from a recent romantic encounter

skelp: (sometimes spelled scelp) is wrought iron or steel that is rolled or forged into narrow strips and ready to be made into pipe or tubing by being bent (into a cylindrical shape) and welded.

slatch:  A momentary lull between breaking waves, favorable for launching a boat; also, an interval of fair weather

smalt: a deep blue cobalt powder for coloring glass

smeuse: a hole in a hedge

smirr:  a drizzly light rain or mist (Scottish derivation)

sneap: to chide or repress

snellfungus: a traveller who complains about everything

snoach: to speak through the nose

snoutband: one who constantly contradicts himself

spang: straight, directly, "He ran spang into me!"

spelk: a splinter that you cannot get out

sphragistics: The study of seals and signets

springar: a Norwegian dance

springe: a snare for catching small game

spronk: the stub of a broken tooth

spudger: a tool that has a wide flat-head screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge, used to separate pressure-fit plastic components without causing damage during separation

squabash: to crush with criticism

staboy: a cry for encouraging to hunting dogs in pursuit of prey

staddle: a stump used to support barns in a fashion to keep rats from climbing up

stalko: a poor man posing as a rich man

stillicide: dripping of water drops

strickle: An instrument used to level off grain or other material in a measure

sucket:  a combination fork and spoon

supe: an actor without a speaking role

swarble: to climb a tree that has no branches

swinker: someone who will do a job that no one else will

stegg: a sheep that has never been sheared

tabnabs: cakes and pastries served aboard British merchant ship

tegg: a two-year-old sheep that has not been shorn

thenar: the fleshy part of the thumb

thew: muscular strength

threap: to scold, to contradict

tiffin: to take lunch

tinchel: a ring formed by hunters to drive or enclose deer

tobie: an inferior cigar

tohubohu: complete disorder or dishevelment

toom: empty (of Scottish derivation)

truchman: an interpreter.

truttaceous: of or pertaining to trout

tump: to tip or dump over, especially accidentally

tup: the weight at the end of a pedulum

tussie-mussie: a small bouquet

twip: a unit relating area on a screen to printed area

tzot: a square peice of cloth used a headgear in Guatemala

varve: the annual build-up of alternate layers of silt or clay

vernepator: a long dog with short legs bred for running on a wheel to turn a spit for roasting meat, also known as a Turnspit Dog

visavol: a chewy substance similar to myrrh

voidee:  a snack at the end of the evening, just before a guest leaves

vorlage: the position of a skier leaning forward from the ankles usually without lifting the heels from the skis

waney: a sharp or uneven edge on a board that is cut from a log not perfectly squared, or that is made in the process of squaring.

wayzgoose: an entertainment given by a master printer to his workmen each year on or about St Bartholomew's Day (24 August)

wheeple: a poor attempt at whistling

whiffet:  an insignificant person; whippersnapper

widdershins: counter-clockwise

widdiful: one who deserves hanging, a gallows-bird; a scamp, rascal

windbroach:  an inferior fiddler

winklehawk:  an L shaped tear in a piece of fabric

winze: a short passageway that connects levels in a mine

wittol: a man unaffected by his wife's infidelity

wiwi:  New Zealand slang for a Frenchman

woggle: a device to fasten the neckerchief, or scarf, worn as part of the Scout or Girl Guides uniform

wounderclout: a showy but useless thing

wyzenbeek: a measurement of upholstery wear

xertz: To gulp down quickly and greedily (presented the same week as jollup, are the two related?)

yealing: a person of the same ageyealing: a person of the same age as you (several of you readers are my yealings)

yepsen: the amount one can hold in their two cupped hands

yonks: a very long time

zenana: the pecking order in a harem

zerk: a fitting for applying grease to a machine

zhoosh: to tweak, finesse, or improve something, such as one's hair